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300W LED Flat Lighting Fixture

● Good heat dissipation

● 40% Energy- saving than Traditional HID System

● Effectively shorten plant growth period

● IP Level: IP40

● Professional Luminaire

● Customizable Spectrum

● Suitable for leafy vegetables, fruits and flowers

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Technical Parameters
Spectrum type Red and Blue Spectrum Full spectrum
IP Level IP40 IP40
Input power 300W 300W
Input voltage 100V-277VAC 100V-277VAC
Power factor 0.95 0.95
Efficiency 2.3 μmol/s/w 2.0 μmol/s/w
Beam angle 120° 120°
Lifetime 50000h 50000h
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Technical Parameters


Application in indoor cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers

Full spectrum

Red and Blue Spectrum

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