Product Engineer (PE)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the early development of the product, leading the new product MFX review and list output;

2. Leading new product trial production, including tooling equipment demand, SOP/PFC production, trial production follow-up, trial production abnormal treatment, trial production summary and transfer production;

3. Identification of product order requirements, product demand change and implementation, and new material trial production follow-up and assistance;

4. Prepare and improve the product history, make PEMA and CP, and summarize the trial production materials and documents;

5. Maintenance of mass production orders, production of prototypes and completion of sampling.


Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in electronics, communication, etc., with more than 2 years experience in new product introduction or project management;

2. Familiar with electronic product assembly and production process, and understand related standards such as electronic products SMT, DIP, structural assembly (IPC-610);

3. Familiar with and use QCC/QC seven methods/FMEA/DOE/SPC/8D/6 SIGMA and other tools to analyze and solve process or quality problems, and have report writing ability;

4. Positive work attitude, good team spirit and strong sense of responsibility.


Post time: Sep-24-2020