Structural Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Implement the structural design and development of the product according to the product design plan and development plan;

2. Submit the initial design documents to the product/sample engineer to complete the submission and review of the relevant documents;

3. Relevant review work in the product development process;

4. Technology transfer and product specification drafting when introducing new models, and drafting inspection standards for structural parts;

5. Assist in handling product structure design problems and providing technical support during product manufacturing and manufacturing;

6. Responsible for R&D of required materials, sample testing, recognition, material number application, etc.


Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electromechanical related, more than two years experience in electronic product structure design;

2. Familiar with the characteristics of hardware and plastic materials, can independently follow the drawing, follow-up and verification of structural parts;

3. Proficient in 3D modeling software such as Pro E, proficient in AutoCAD, familiar with product renderings;

4. Have English reading and writing ability, experience in optical design, heat dissipation, waterproof design is preferred.


Post time: Sep-24-2020