LUMLUX | 2017 manufacturing & quality knowledge & skills competition

The knowledge and skills competition, jointly held by quality center, manufacturing center, human resources department and labor union, was grandly held in the second-floor production workshop on December 21, 2017. At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, with the exciting and progressive music sound, manufacturing, quality center staff in the second floor assembly standby, each production line holds high the team card, everybody is full of energy, this activity is chaired by the human resources department director duan chunwei, the human resources department director huang shengzhi opens the speech, wishes everybody to be able to obtain the good result in the competition. At the same time we also hope that the friendship first, the competition second, the race results, the race style!


Opening remarks by huang shengzhi, director of human resources department of LUMLUX CORP.


The first is “knowledge contest audition”. The team members are busy filling in and writing. Normally busy workshop becomes only the pen and paper’s collision produces the friction sound. The exam lasted for half an hour. After a nervous reading, the result was finally produced, and the top 18 contestants, led by wang jingjing, stood out.




At 10:15 am, the knowledge contest was held in the training room on the third floor, and the pre-match mobilization was conducted by qiu wei, manager of the quality center. The competition is divided into two parts: first question and first question. In the competition, the teams compete with each other. After fierce competition, three pairs of competitors come to the fore.




Winners: zhu qin, wang jingjing, gu sai/runner-up: zhao dongmei, shao mei, lu qinfen/the third runner-up: hu meng, li hua, qi yanli



Plugin skill winners: jiang huan, Yang bing ‘e, fan danzan



Welding skills winners: xu quanling, zheng xiaoli, jiang huan


At 13:30 PM, the plug-in and welding competition was held in the second-floor production workshop, and the production manager gao zhongfang carried out the pre-competition mobilization, encouraging everyone to have the skills to “show” out. After the contestants’ excellent competition and the scores of professional judges, three of them respectively won the plug-in and welding competition champion of Asia third place!



This competition is different, the level of the competition, the skills of the competition, and even more out of the nukes’ initial pursuit of excellence; The results of the competition, the results of the race, the show, and even more the team of Newcastle’s conviction! We congratulate the contestants who have achieved outstanding results in this competition and encourage you to learn from them! What we don’t see is a little bit more thinking, a little bit more accumulation, a little bit more dedication, a little bit more progress in their daily work. I hope everyone can learn from them, although the post is different, as long as you are willing to pay attention, there will be progress, will be better! I want everyone to be a tech whiz, and newks is proud of you!


Post time: Dec-21-2017