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Z10 Die-cast HPS/CMH Series

● Easy maintainance, without taking the lamp off

● Super-thin, especially suitable for low ceiling

● Completely silent and maximum heat dissipation

● RF shielding

● LED status indicator

● Full protection

● Soft start technology

● Random start technology

● Automatic frequency adjustment

● Re-strike system

● Lamp compatibility(AUVL/BLV/Philips)

● Compatible with Lumlux digital lighting controller

● Premium 95% reflective aluminum hammertone interior

● Enclosed DE system guarantees excellent focus and conformity

● 3 years warranty

● FCC&CSA / CE certification

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Technical Parameters:
Output power 600W(HPS) 630W(CMH) 945W(CMH) 1000W(CMH) 1000W(HPS)
Input voltage 277V, 277-347V, 347V, 400V
Input current(Max) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Input power [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Power factor 0.97 0.97 0.97 0.97 0.97
Efficiency 95%@277V 95%@277V 96%@277V 96%@277V 96%@277V
THD <10% <10% <10% <10% <10%
Dimming 40%-100% 50%-100% 50%-100% 50%-100% 60%-115%
Lamp 600W HPS DE 630W CMH DE 945W CMH DE 1000W CMH DE 1000W HPS DE
Protection Open circuit, short circuit, over temperature, lamp end of life, over voltage, low voltage
Lamp Recognition
1000W/600W HPS DE 1000W/630W CMH DE 945W CMH DE
Environmental Specifications
Working temperature -20℃~ +40℃
Storage temperature -40℃~ +70℃
IP level IP20(IP65 for Ballast)

For Hobby and Greenhouse Lighting


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